Why Should I Get Facials?

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Why do you need consistent professional skin treatments?

You have your teeth professionally cleaned at least twice a year… why wouldn’t you have your skin professional cleaned?

The skin on our face like the skin on our palms and soles of our feet is DIFFERENT!!!

It requires special care. Our faces are what people notice and they determine wither or not people say we a beautiful.  Have you ever heard someone raving about someone else’s elbows for goodness sake? Not likely. So wither we like it or not facial beauty is a real and is measured.  The great part is EVERYONE can have great skin!!! It only takes a plan and some help.

As we age our skins renewal process slows down. With professional treatments we fight off the ravages of time and understand what is real and what is hockuspockus when it comes to professional and physician strength products.  We come to understand how our lifestyle choices age us unknowingly.  For most of us in today’s job market we will work longer and be in competition with younger counterparts for those positions.  It’s imperative that we look and feel our best to be at the top of our game.

What if you are struggling with breakout? I use to joke that I would be the only person I knew with zits, gray hair and wrinkles all at the same time because my teenage acne continued that long.  Out of that frustration was why I became an esthetician. There are solutions that the dermatologist doesn’t offer. You can have beautiful skin with the right care and the right products at any age. Does it happen overnight? Usually not.  Does it take work? Yes it does.  Can I answer why you have challenging skin and someone else doesn’t?  No I can’t.  But we can make real changes with consistent protocols and diligent routines.

Desired skin cell turn over is approximately 4 to 6 weeks.  Having regular facials within this time frame assures maximum cell renewal.